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Everything you need to know about LayerSwitch Internet Exchange & Our Services.
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What is LSIX?

LSIX, short for LayerSwitch Internet Exchange, is a regional peering platform based out of The Netherlands.

What is an Internet Exchange?

An Internet Exchange Point (also known as IX or IXP) is a peer to peer platform through which network operators exchange Internet traffic between their networks (autonomous systems).

What is peering?

Peering is the exchange of data between two parties directly attached or on the same LAN rather than via the public Internet.

Who can connect to LSIX?

The LSIX is open to any (international) network operator. Examples of acceptable networks but not limited to are Internet Service Providers (ISPs), Managed Service Providers (MSPs) and Content Delivery Networks (CDNs).

Where can I connect to LSIX?

For an overview of LayerSwitch Internet Exchange Data Centers please check our locations page

Becoming a Customer

What are the LSIX requirements for connecting?

Your company will need to have an Autonomous System Number (ASN) issued by a Regional Internet Registry such as RIPE-NCC or ARIN.

How do I become a member of LSIX?

Fill out our signup form and request a new connection from our customer portal. You will automatically be redirected to a month-to-month connection agreement to be signed.

How long does it take to register with LSIX?

The actual registration step requires only 4 fields to be filled out! After our NOC verified your application you will be send a URL to fill out your connection requirements and have your LOA issued. This process usually takes less than 24 hours.

Becoming a Partner

How do we join the LSIX Partner Program?

More information about our partner program and how to join can be found here

LSIX Pricing Structure

What are the costs of a connection to LSIX?

At this time connections to the LSIX are still 100% free. Your company is free to disconnect at any time should LSIX decide to make changes in its business model. Any changes will be given with at least 3 months notice.

What other costs are involved with connecting to LSIX?

Any charges incurred from LSIX are limited to access on the peering platform. In addition to these charges you may incur other charges from your local data center for items such as rack space, power and cross connects.

Do I get a discount on multiple connections?

At this time any connections to the LSIX are free of charge. If your company would like to have additional port capacity or redundancy a courtesy fee may apply. Please contact us if you have any specific requirements.

Will LSIX always be free?

The LSIX has a for profit business model meaning that in the future we will start charging for connections to the peering platform. Price changes will be discussed with the community (our members) and independent parties to determine fairness.


Our connection to LSIX is down

Email us at noc [at] or for immediate assistance call our NOC at +31(0)88 445 0200

Our LSIX connection is no longer working after equipment change

LSIX applies MAC security on the peering platform. You will need to contact us with your new MAC address to have your port reinstated. You may also contact us in advance for any scheduled equipment changes to avoid any issues.

What kind of media types are supported?

LSIX offers services on the following physical media:

- 1GE LX over Single Mode Fiber
- 10GE LR over Single Mode Fiber
- 40GE LR4 over Single Mode Fiber
- 100GE LR4 over Single Mode Fiber

What kind of traffic types are permitted?

LSIX will accept and forward from member ports traffic with Ethertypes of:

- 0x0800 IPv4
- 0x08dd IPv6
- 0x0806 ARP

How do I request prefix filter updates?

LSIX routeservers automatically update prefix list filters every 24 hours. Filters are generated based on IRR entries. For urgent filter updates please contact noc [at]

Port changes

Can I upgrade my connection(s) at LSIX?

At LSIX you may up- and downgrade your ports at any time with 1 calendar month's notice.

Abuse Procedure

I am receiving malicious traffic from other members

Please contact us immediately at abuse [ at ]

I am receiving BOGON prefixes from another member

We suggest setting up peering with the LSIX Route Servers for optimal prefix filtering. Our route servers automatically generate filters based on IRR entries and will protect you against BOGONS.

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