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LSIX Route Server Guide

About Route Servers

LSIX operates route servers to facilitate the exchange of BGP learned routes between different members on the peering platform. To exchange and learn routes from all other members on the route servers, each peer needs to setup only one BGP connection to one or multiple of the LSIX Route Servers.

The LSIX Route Servers operate on servers running the BIRD routing daemon.

RFC7947 of the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) describes the specifications and properties for the implementation of a route server in more detail.

BGP Session Information

Hostname IPv4 IPv6 ASN 2001:7f8:8f::a504:9917:1 49917 2001:7f8:8f::a504:9917:2 49917

BGP Recommended Settings

Max Prefixes IPv4 Max Prefixes IPv6 RIR MACRO IPv4 RIR MACRO IPv6
120,000 100,000 AS-LSC-IXP-RS AS-LSC-IXP-RS

BGP Communities

Action BGP Standard Community (RFC 1999)
Graceful Shutdown 65535:0
Blackhole 65535:666
no-export 65535:65281
no-advertise 65535:65282
Do not redistribute to $peeras 0:$peeras
Redistribute to $peeras 49917:$peeras
Do not redistribute 0:49917
Prepend once 65001:0
Prepend twice 65002:0
Prepend thrice 65003:0
Prepend once selective 65001:$peeras
Prepend twice selective 65002:$peeras
Prepend thrice selective 65003:$peeras

BGP Prefix Filtering

The LSIX Route Servers are setup with route automation settings. Every 24 hours our route servers generate a list of allowed prefixes per autonomous system number and applies those to the active filters on the route servers.

Example Configurations

The only required protocol on the exchange is BGP. Make sure you disable any other protocols on the port(s) facing the peering platform such as OSPF, ISIS, LLDP and STP.

# show interfaces xe-2/3/0 description LSIX; unit 0 { family inet { address 185.1.32.XXX/24; } family inet6 { address 2001:7f8:8f::a50X:XXXX:1/64; } } # show protocols bgp group lsix description IX:LSIX; local-address 185.1.32.XXX; import IMPORT-LSIX; export EXPORT-LSIX; family inet { any { prefix-limit { maximum 1000; teardown 90; } } } local-as 47869; neighbor 185.1.32.XXX { description "Sample small peer"; peer-as XXXXX; } neighbor { description "LSIX RouteServer 1"; family inet { any { prefix-limit { maximum 100000; teardown 90; } } } peer-as 49917; } # show policy-options policy-statement IMPORT-LSIX term ATTRIBUTES-INET { from family inet; then { local-preference 400; community add IMPORT-FROM-PEERING; } } term ATTRIBUTES-INET6 { from family inet6; then { local-preference 400; community add IMPORT-FROM-PEERING; } } # show policy-options policy-statement EXPORT-DFIX term SEND-ORIGINATES { from community SEND-ORIGINATES; then { origin igp; accept; } } term REJECT-REST { then reject; }

# show interfaces ethernet eth0 { duplex auto hw-id 0c:c4:7a:59:23:02 smp-affinity auto speed auto address 185.1.32.XXX/24 address 2001:7f8:8f::a50X:XXXX:1/64 } # show protocols bgp bgp XXXXX { neighbor 185.1.32.XXX { description "Sample small peer" peer-group lsix remote-as XXXXX } neighbor { address-family { ipv4-unicast { maximum-prefix 100000 } } description "LSIX RouteServer #1" peer-group lsix remote-as 49917 } peer-group lsix { address-family { ipv4-unicast { maximum-prefix 10000 route-map { export EXPORT-LSIX import IMPORT-LSIX } } ipv6-unicast { maximum-prefix 50000 route-map { export EXPORT-LSIX import IMPORT-LSIX } } } } } # show policy route-map IMPORT-LSIX rule 1 { action permit set { community XXXXX:12345 local-preference 400 } } # show policy route-map EXPORT-LSIX rule 1 { action permit match { community { community-list SEND-ORIGINATES } } set { origin igp } } rule 99 { action deny }

! Define a single-port VLAN for your LSIX port vlan XX name "LSIX" router-interface ve XX untagged ethernet X/X interface ethernet X/X ! Behave as a router route-only no spanning-tree ! Configure a port-name port-name LSIX ! Configure your IP address ip address 185.1.32.XXX/24 ! Configure your IPv6 address ipv6 address 2001:7f8:8f::a5XX:XXXX:1/64 ! Don't do Router Advertisements ipv6 nd suppress-ra ! No redirects no ip redirect no ipv6 redirect ! Configure router bgp router bgp local-as XXXXX auto-shutdown-new-neighbors capability as4 enable neighbor sthix peer-group neighbor sthix-ip6 peer-group neighbor 185.1.32.XX1 remote-as 49917 neighbor 185.1.32.XX1 peer-group lsix neighbor 185.1.32.XX1 maximum-prefix 100000 neighbor 185.1.32.XX1 description "LSIX Route Server #1" neighbor 185.1.32.XX2 remote-as XXXXX neighbor 185.1.32.XX2 peer-group lsix neighbor 185.1.32.XX2 description "Sample big peer" neighbor 185.1.32.XX2 maximum-prefix 25000 neighbor 185.1.32.XX3 remote-as XXXXX neighbor 185.1.32.XX3 peer-group lsix neighbor 185.1.32.XX3 description "Sample regular peer" neighbor lsix activate neighbor lsix route-map in IMPORT-LSIX neighbor lsix route-map out EXPORT-LSIX neighbor lsix-ip6 activate neighbor lsix-ip6 route-map in IMPORT-LSIX-IPV6 neighbor lsix-ip6 route-map out EXPORT-LSIX ! Route-map sample route-map IMPORT-LSIX permit 10 match ip address prefix-list BOGONS set community XXXXX:12345 set metric none set local-preference 400 ! route-map IMPORT-LSIX-IPV6 permit 10 match ipv6 address prefix-list BOGONS-INET6 set community XXXXX:12345 set metric none set local-preference 400 ! route-map EXPORT-LSIX permit 60 match community SEND-ORIGINATES !



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