LSIX Partner Program

  • 80gbps connected speed
    Gbps of
    Connected capacity
  • 39
    Member ASNs
  • 18
    Gb/sec of
    Peak traffic

LSIX Partner Program

The LSIX Partner Program was designed to make our services available to smaller network operators as well as to companies with a presence at data centers that LSIX does not offer services at, inside, and outside of The Netherlands. LSIX Partners are carefully chosen and approved to ensure quality of service and availability. If you are connecting through a partner, you will still have transparent and direct access to the LSIX Public Peering VLAN to setup your own peers.


Easy access to Network

Easy access

All LSIX partners have one or multiple dedicated ports directly connected at one of the LSIX data centers. Your virtual circuit is transported directly back to your desired location.

Cost effective Internet exchange


No expensive backhauling or cross connect fees. No rack space or equipment needed. Order through a partner and get LSIX access delivered directly to your desired location.

Flexible port speeds upto 10gbps

Flexible port speeds

Partners can offer direct access to the Internet Exchange with port speeds starting as low as 100 mbit per second. Partners have the ability to provide flexible port speed options between 100 Mbit and 10 Gigabit per second.

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