Public Peering Access

The Public Peering VLAN in Amsterdam, The Hague, Rotterdam, Zoetermeer & Delft. All peering ports up to 10GE will be completely free of charge.
  • 80gbps connected speed
    Gbps of
    Connected capacity
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    Member ASNs
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Public Peering VLAN

Public Peering

Internet Exchange service world-wide

LSIX - The Public Peering VLAN

The Public Peering VLAN, or ISP Unicast VLAN is the most common Internet Exchange service world-wide. Multiple networks connect to a de-centralized VLAN to setup peer to peer connections to members at multiple data centers through one or multiple ports. A single port already gets you access to all networks on the Internet Exchange - making it a very cost-effective solution for exchanging traffic. In addition to peer to peer connections the LSIX also offers an option to connect to our redundant route servers. Setting up direct peers with our route servers gives you access to a consolidated set of routes shared by all other participating members.

The Public Peering service is Ethernet based and supports both IPv4 and IPv6. Our ports start at as small as 1 gigabit per second, up to one or multiple 100 gigabit per second connections. Through our partner program you may also connect to LSIX with speeds below 1 gigabit per second and from locations that LSIX does not have a point of presence at this time.

Performance on the exchange is monitored 24x7 by the LSIX NOC. Customers may monitor their bandwidth consumption and peering diversity from the LSIX portal

The Service Details

  • Peering ports

    Ports available

    • 1 Gbit/s "GE" (1000BaseLX)
    • 40Gbit/s "40GE (40GE-LR4)
    • 10 Gbit/s "10GE" (10000BaseLR)
    • 100Gbit/s "100GE (100GE-LR4)

    Link aggregation is available on all ports (contact us for MLAG availability). Lower port capacity is available via LSIX partners.

  • Lsix features


    • Route Servers redundant access on the Public Peering VLAN
    • IPv4 and/or IPv6 (native)
    • Live traffic monitoring through our member portal
    • sFlow traffic analysis reporting per ASN
    • Detailed member information available for all connected networks
    • Flex port concept add, change and remove ports as needed
  • Cost free Internet exchange


    • January 1, 2019 at this time and until further notice, all peering ports up to 10GE will be completely free of charge.


In this section, we try to answer some of the most frequently asked questions about our products and services.
If you have questions you would like to ask that are not addressed here, feel free to ask by using the Quick Enquiry form below.

What is LSIX?

LSIX, short for LayerSwitch Internet Exchange, is a regional peering platform based out of The Netherlands.

What is an Internet Exchange?

An Internet Exchange Point (also known as IX or IXP) is a peer to peer platform through which network operators exchange Internet traffic between their networks (autonomous systems).

What is peering?

Peering is the exchange of data between two parties directly attached or on the same LAN rather than via the public Internet.

Who can connect to LSIX?

The LSIX is open to any (international) network operator. Examples of acceptable networks but not limited to are Internet Service Providers (ISPs), Managed Service Providers (MSPs) and Content Delivery Networks (CDNs).

Where can I connect to LSIX?

For an overview of LayerSwitch Internet Exchange Data Centers please check our locations page

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